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RuBPS Tricks

Flowchart RuBPS staining

New spemipreparative 2D electrophoresis sceme. The usual uprgrading step from the analytical to the preparative level can totally be omitted.

Ultrasonication of a 2D gel section.

After RuBPS staining the gel section contains 12 protein spots. After 30 min od sonication the number rises to 16 and after 60 min of sonication to 19 spots.

Total destaining

A RuBPS stained gel is totally destained.

Cool gel

A RuBPS stained gel was frozen in liquid nitrogen. During the thawing process this series of images was taken. As easy becomes visible the intensity of the fluorescence was extremely high at 77K.

Dried gel

A 2D gel was totally dried. The intesity of the spots was the same as in the wet gel. This way RuBPS stained gels can be stored for years.

Scanning methods

A RuBPS stained gel was scanned with 4 different scanners. Even with a normal benchtop scanner a rather good image was obtained.

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